Google's New "Search Plus Your World"

Google makes some waves again, this time announcing the roll out of their latest Google+ integration, "Search Plus Your World." Although industry experts predicted this, it appears the search engine giant is using its force to propel Google+ into the social space.

So, what is "Search Plus Your World" and what does it mean to us marketers? When logged in to a Google account and searching, users will start seeing results heavily influenced by Google's social recommendations. On the right side of your search results, depending on the query, you'll notice a "People and Pages on Google+" column appear with links to Google+ Pages or People related to your search term. Now, more than ever, fresh content and continuously engaging with your users allows you to dominate search results.

Google owns the search market, and not taking an action is not an option. Familiarize yourself with the new social network, because these are just the beginning stages.

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