Copywriting Intern

Position: Copywriting Intern
Location: Phoenix
Education: Junior/Senior level students pursuing graphic design, advertising, or a related degree preferred. Minimum GPA of 3.0. Active participation in professional organizations is preferred


Defero is a digital marketing agency seeking team members with a passion for delivering results and making our clients look good!

We’re based in Phoenix, AZ, but our client roster spans the country and the globe, servicing a wide range of industry verticals. Collectively, we develop custom strategies to reach each client’s key audiences and meet their business goals.

No two Deferoans are alike. Each of us brings something unique to the table. From big picture thinking, to detailed project managing and everything in between, our mission is simple: We want to work with smart people that fit into our company culture.


A Junior Copywriter should have a combination of creative and strategic skills. He/She will work with the Copywriter to effectively shape and communicate each clients’ key messaging in their individual brand voice. Due to Defero’s wide range of clients, copy may be required to resonate with anyone from a young, bubbly fashionista to a buttoned-up business executive.

The Junior Copywriter will be tapped to help develop and execute content for a variety of platforms including website copy, blog articles, social media posts, published emails and more.
This person is highly in tune with the latest and greatest best practices for social media engagement, and perpetually applying that knowledge to client content calendars and strategy. He/She will analyze measurable data and feedback to strategically tweak messaging as necessary in order to maximize content performance. This person will also be tasked to complete a number of other copy-related tasks including posting content to social media channels, interacting with consumers, developing content calendars, brainstorming campaigns, and any other requests from appropriate team members.


  • Support the strategies outlined by Content Marketing Strategist/Copywriter and Client Services Teams and help complete deliverables in a timely manner
  • Understand client needs by reviewing any available strategy docs and client Alignment docs prior to engaging in client work.
  • Have a creative mind being able to articulate messaging that resonates with the target audience.
  • Write to a specific audience within the constraints of an identified platform.
  • Meet deadlines, expectations and the highest quality assurance standards.