Design Intern

Position: Design Intern
Location: Phoenix
Education: Junior/Senior level students pursuing graphic design, advertising, or a related degree preferred. Minimum GPA of 3.0. Active participation in professional organizations is preferred


Defero is a digital marketing agency with offices located in Phoenix and Reno. We help brands create meaningful offline and online conversations with their customers.  Our current client roster includes local, regional, national and publicly traded entities across a wide spectrum of industry verticals. Each of our clients expect us to move the business needle towards their stated goals.

As Defero grows, we are looking for the right people: those that think strategically on behalf of our clients, our projects and our agency. From the detailed work associated with a particular client deliverable, to the macro strategies associated to the big picture goals of a brand, and everything in between; we want smart people that will fit into our culture who are willing to embrace what it means to be a “Deferoan.”


A Design Intern at Defero doesn’t just push pixels or paint by numbers. You think first, and then you design. You take the essence of our clients’ brands and you create the right kind of material to make them shine for their audience. You work and play well within cross-disciplinary teams: account managers, designers, developers and more. Deadlines don’t scare you; they thrill you. You are passionate and geeky about what you do, and you are insatiable in your search to learn the new ways you can design in digital and beyond. You are awesome, but also humble. You know you can always get better, and you are constantly looking for ways to do so.

If this sounds like you, Defero wants to talk to you.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: A DESIGN INTERN HAS THE ABILITY TO (in loose order of priority/preference):

  • Display exceptional critical thinking, reasoning and creative thinking skills
  • Perform under pressure and a fast-paced work environment
  • Multitask between clients and projects rapidly
  • Work as a team member
  • Work autonomously, but know when to ask for help
  • Meet deadlines, expectations and the highest quality assurance standards
  • Learn to become familiar with the needs of multiple brands and be able to design to varying specifications based on individual client needs
  • Create designs across a variety of media based on creative briefing from the account team and designers
  • Create responsive website and email designs rooted in strong content
  • Create printed pieces based on client brands and campaign needs
  • Present ideas, designs, updates on projects, etc. to internal teams
  • Digest, retain and share the latest industry news and apply it to client projects as necessary


  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Strong knowledge of design fundamentals such as layout and typography
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Skilled with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Ability to take and give constructive criticism without ego or personal attachment
  • Ability to make sound design decisions and explain them to teams and clients
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Capacity to lead or operate with a certain level of self-sufficiency when necessary
  • Ability to speak in front of a group and lead conversation


The Design Intern position serves as part of our Creative Services team. The Creative Services team is responsible for taking the goals and constraints of a project and designing the best possible solutions for our clients. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to design, and our designers shouldn’t either. It’s critical that they know how to take design and digital tools and apply them strategically to our clients.

Our Design Interns must be creative, intelligent, efficient, self-sufficient, proactive, critical thinkers, and team players. They also have to have leadership, ownership, and be a little bit crazy. We move fast; Design Interns must move fast to follow the lead of designers in support of our Creative Services team.


Work hard, play hard is so cliché; but we are incredibly driven, and incredibly fun people, so maybe we can throw it out there one more time. We’re all on each other’s team and support one another fully. We love food. We love to dance. And we are incredibly passionate about strategic, integrated marketing (read: we’re kind of dorks). We hate divas, egos, and bad attitudes, so negative Nancys need not apply.