Advertising in the Age of Social Distancing

Defero’s COVID-19 Update


During these ever-changing times, we at Defero remain committed to supporting our clients however we can. Like many, we are separated physically, but we refuse to allow distance to impede our ability to serve our clients and have found new ways to stay connected within our agency.

In the case with COVID-19, we’ve seen customers shift to a remote lifestyle and their behavior has evolved, meaning marketing should evolve along with it. For example, media consumption has nearly risen by 60% year over year in the month of March alone.

The benefits of advertising in an economic downturn:

  • Category Noise Level Decreases: When competitors cut back on their ad spend, it can decrease the overall noise in the category, creating space for brands to reposition or introduce new products.
  • Highlight Corporate Stability: Brands can communicate to consumers the image of corporate stability during challenging times. You’re not only there for your customer but there for your employees as well.
  • Advertising Costs Can Actually Decrease: During a recession, the cost of advertising often decreases – creating a “buyer’s market” for brands.
  • Maintain and Be Top of Mind: When advertisers cut back on their ad spending, brands lose “top of mind” with consumers, with the potential of losing current, and possibly future, sales.

As priorities have shifted, we’ve been a partner to our clients creating plans for maximizing each dollar for the now, while still planning for the future.

What we’re trying to say is, we remain committed to being a marketing partner for you, providing fresh, outside-the-box thinking and exciting campaigns that are impactful for your consumers in this changing landscape. So you can focus on what’s most important – you, your family, and everyone’s health and well-being.

This is how we’ve pivoted some of our strategies to support our client’s needs during COVID-19.


Bubbies Ice Cream: #ShareSmiles Social Campaign

This campaign was all about promoting people to share a smile during these uncertain times. Not in the sense of a physical Bubbies product, but in the joy they pass on through social media. In turn, Bubbies was surprising campaign participants and a friend of their choosing with free products delivered to their door.

We created Instagram story templates to build on emerging social trends as well as utilizing the hashtag “#ShareSmiles”. To accompany these templates we also started Instagram Story polls to keep users engaged and more active during their quarantine. We also activated influencers to help spread the cheer and give them the opportunity to share some joy.


Bar-S Foods: Digital Activations

Because Bar-S is struggling to keep their product on the shelf at most retailers due to consumer demand, we wanted to use this opportunity to share with our loyal consumers that Bar-S is here for them during this difficult time of social isolation by providing them with tips & tricks, opportunities to win gift cards for other house

hold items, as well as share recipes that are easy to make with the products they have on hand.

We asked users to tell us what they have in their pantry and we will provide them with a meal idea by linking to a Bar-S recipe. This helps users get engaged with the brand on a positive level.



Sun Devil Auto: Supporting the Local Community

Sun Devil Auto is continuing to serve the community during the COVID-19 crisis. While car repairs may seem like a far off worry, there are some that need to have the option to be able to service their car during these uncertain times. All stores are doing no-contact drop off and vehicle pickups. Select stores are also providing vehicle pick-up and delivery for at-risk customers. In an effort to help the community deal with the financial burden caused by COVID-19, SDA is also offering major discounts on essential services.

We pushed this new brand message across all their social channels. And updated their website to reflect these in-store changes with links to more details and to all the limited-time discounts.



Billy + Margot & Farmers Market: Adjusting Marketing Strategies

With more people at home, we recommended taking a “fun” approach to your stay home quarantine, by celebrating the fact that it means getting to spend more time with your pets!

For Billy + Margot we sent customers a “Woof from Home” email with Tips and Tricks around spending more quality time with their pup.

For Farmers Market, we adjusted their existing OTT creative to drive consumers to online retailers such as Chewy & Amazon instead of to grocery stores for purchases.


If you find yourself in need of this kind of thinking, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to support you.

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