Get Connected With A LinkedIn Media Plan

How to elevate your omnichannel strategy with LinkedIn


In the age of Instagram photo filters, Snapchat face swaps, and Facebook live streams, LinkedIn still has its place in the fast-paced world of social media and cohesive omnichannel marketing. While many other social channels have focused their attention towards quick, thumb-stopping engagements of younger and younger audiences, LinkedIn has always been the “wiser, older brother” focused on building professional relationships and its long-term career goals.

LinkedIn has created a meaningful environment for business professionals to build connections, share knowledge, and explore opportunities for continued education and employment. These specialized offerings create a platform to connect with a unique type of user primed for a more meaningful connection. It also allows LinkedIn to develop a robust catalog of member and company data that provides marketers access to specific and detailed information. When properly incorporated into a cross-channel marketing strategy, LinkedIn can play a pivotal role in lead generation and conversion-focused engagement. LinkedIn’s core value is its unique audience network, professionalism, and access to detailed user education and career data.

The LinkedIn newsfeed is a great place to connect and build relationships via Sponsored Content and Text Ads using similar targeting parameters found across many of its social counterparts. However, unlike the competition, LinkedIn offers a platform uncluttered by many common distractions found across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Users are typically focused on a much more narrow set of professional topics such as education, career, and self-improvement. If your brand can align and add value with segmented messaging and content, you have a big opportunity to connect when users are in the mindset to discover and engage. Thought leadership and cross-channel content funnels are valuable tools to drive meaningful engagements.

In March of 2019, LinkedIn announced new targeting parameters to improve the reach and impact of its paid platform. Marketers can now utilize lookalike audiences, audience templates, and Microsoft Bing search data in their paid campaigns. LinkedIn also rolled out new objective-based campaigns that improve their focus on off-site conversion and on-site lead cards that are pre-filled with the member’s LinkedIn profile data. These additional features improve the ability to target and engage users who are most likely to take the actions you want. By leveraging new audience targeting with pixel-based conversion tracking, marketers can build similar audiences of the most engaged and profitable users to maximize the impact of their campaigns.

LinkedIn’s core value is its unique audience network, professionalism, and access to detailed user education and career data.

But perhaps the best opportunity LinkedIn presents marketers is the ability to reach its 610 million active users directly in their inbox via targeted and personalized InMail campaigns. This long-form content channel can be personalized with a connected LinkedIn account, segmented messaging, and detailed targeting parameters to make a big first impact or continued touchpoint in the user journey. Think of LinkedIn’s InMail platform as an extension of your email campaigns, but in a more social and engaging platform where users can build deeper connections by exploring the sender’s profile, a company’s page, or additional content and campaign components.

InMail can be utilized to start a personalized conversation with a targeted group of prospects direct from a company’s CEO or retarget users with a specific message from a school’s dean based on their previous ad engagement. This segmentation and direct delivery into a user’s inbox can capture attention and prime users for continued engagement along the funnel. Just be sure to use your InMail campaigns strategically as users can only receive 1 InMail every 45 days. For time-sensitive campaigns, it is very important to secure that inbox real estate before other advertisers do.

Overall, LinkedIn’s core value is its unique audience network, professionalism, and access to detailed user education and career data. While it will not be the right fit for all brands, those whose target audiences align have access to many tools to capture attention and drive quality engagement from an active community. It’s extensive network of personalized user data allows segmented content campaigns and thought leadership to cut through the noise. When integrated alongside additional quality content, email, and paid media strategies, LinkedIn can be a valuable component to resonate messaging through cross-channel campaigns.

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