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We do a lot of digital work, so you’re right if you think we spend a lot of time looking at computer and mobile screens. If you think that’s ALL we do, the video below will prove you wrong.

What is Defero?

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Spoiler alert: it’s a dynamic group of forward thinking leaders, strategists, writers, artists, and more, all united by a passion for delivering results and making clients look good!







Senior Account Manager

Amanda came to Defero in 2015 all the way from Florida, bringing the Southern charm and sunshine along with her. This former cheerleader is the most organized person in the office, so naturally she organizes many of the office celebrations and activities that keep our team going.

Front End Web Developer

Alex is bursting with passion and creativity! He loves web design so much, he even does it in his free time. He may turn our creative team’s work into living, breathing websites, but if you read between the lines (of code), you’ll find that he’s a talented musician, eSports enthusiast, and huge outdoorsman. He’s got a big heart for his pets; at home with him is one handsome blue pitbull and four fat cats.

Clyde Sedgwick - Chief Agency Officer
Chief Agency Officer

Clyde is one of the OG Deferoans, leading the team onward and upward since the very start. He has a wealth of knowledge spanning from web development and project management to finding the world’s best craft beers and making his own sun tea. His rock-steady demeanor serves him well in the office and on the golf course.

Working at Defero is freaking awesome... Lot's of great, smart people who like to work hard and have fun.

- Billy
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