The ultimate casual drink

Cannabis Beverage Co.

Introducing Cannabis Beverage Co.

Cannabis Beverage Co. offers a unique and enjoyable way to consume cannabis. This low-dose beverage is perfect for those looking for a casual, relaxed experience, whether you are a seasoned user or trying cannabis for the first time. With its variety of flavors, Cannabis Beverage Co. provides a sophisticated alternative to traditional cannabis products.

The Ask

Bring a New Product to Life

Our goal was to create a brand identity from the ground up that appeals to new and experience cannabis users looking to try something different.

Let’s Make a Logo

The inspiration for the logo of Cannabis Beverage Co. was to envision it as a craft beer brand, where the logo and name remain consistent but also allow for expansion into other drink categories and unique product branding looks. We provided logo options that have a trendy, artisanal, handmade vibe. The final logo has a rustic and uncomplicated feel, coupled with a variety of design elements.

Bring It All To Life

“High Tide” is the first addition to the Cannabis Beverage Co. product line. Our inspiration behind the product design was the name itself – we wanted to capture that beachy vibe and summer energy with bright colors and waves on the packaging. The name “High Tide” not only represents the product’s THC-infused, flavored sparkling water beverage but also the chill and relaxed feeling it provides.

Handing over Dope Assets

We created a comprehensive brand guide containing design assets like logos, colors, and photography. Our aim was to give the marketing team the tools needed to design for all platforms and media while preserving the Cannabis Beverage Co.’s integrity.

Are you thirsty for some new branding?