Making Email a Priority



Build Better Consumer Relationships and a Community With Emails


Year after year, articles are written announcing email is dead, yet research continues to show just the opposite. In fact, email marketing is more alive than ever. According to research by the Radicati Group, more than 205 billion emails are sent worldwide each day and there are over 2.6 billion email users. These numbers are expected to increase exponentially! By the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email users will increase to over 2.9 billion—a figure that represents over one-third of the world’s population.

Email has become one of the most powerful channels to reach customers. Not only do people have email accounts, but they are asking to receive emails. When users actively opt-in and request to hear from a brand, we obtain an audience laying and waiting for us to communicate with them… to wow them. What’s more, unlike many other platforms and media channels, we don’t have to pay to speak to these consumers time and time again after the original acquisition. We get to actively learn about our consumers, respectfully store data about them, and use that data to make smarter marketing decisions through strategy and segmentation.

When users actively opt-in and request to hear from a brand, we obtain an audience laying and waiting for us to communicate with them… to wow them.

A brand’s email family should be highly valued and nurtured over time. Once we start building and fostering a loyal email subscriber base, we need to continue to communicate regularly with them with relevant content. Although an email subscriber base may be a finite group of people, it’s a group that can continue to grow over time and turn into a powerful marketing and messaging tool.

Email has a major advantage in that it can greatly support other marketing efforts by providing direct insight into customer behavior. In an article by Emma, Salesforce confirms that combining email with other marketing channels can lead to better personalization and customer experience. Three of the biggest benefits: improved awareness, higher rates of customer engagement, and improved customer acquisition.

As email marketers continue to predict what 2019 and beyond will look like, one common thread can be identified. Email is still evolving. No longer can marketers send out the same email each and every month to every subscriber in their list. Going into 2019, successful email marketing will use and respect subscribers’ personal data, be more personalized and conversational in tone, leverage more mobile-friendly designs and harness the power of automation.

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