Two Beauty Brands, Perfectly Paired

Brand Partnership

Cohesive & Clean

Defero was challenged to develop a concept which seamlessly combines two very different brands that share a similar multicultural audience.

The goal: increase brand awareness and drive cross-category purchases.

Ingredient-focused haircare
brand. Earthy color palette.

Vibrant, fun body care
brand. Bright color palette.

Magic in The Bottles

Defero developed a story in which these two brands didn’t just coexist, but revealed a new regimen in the eyes of their consumers.

Smooth ‘N Shine® and Tone® want to remind you to value every beautiful part of your body from your head to your toes. With the perfect pair for body and hair, you're unstoppable.


From securing the location to locating appropriate props and decor, Defero successfully created multiple distinct bathroom settings.


Keeping brand guidelines and audience in mind, Defero carefully selected three women to represent Tone® and Smooth ‘N Shine®.


of custom, high-quality content that
uniquely speaks to the brand partnership.

All platforms directed consumers to retailers to
encourage purchase.

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